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CSU Eligibility and Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions about CSU Applications and CSU Mentor

By going to Cal State Apply you can 

  • Explore all 23 CSU campuses and compare them to fit the one that is the best fit for you 
  • Plan by researching admission requirements and, finally,
  • Apply online

When do I apply?

CSU Applications open October 1 and close November 30


  • A CSU campus may chose to continue to accept applications after November 30 on a space-available basis. To find out if a school you are interested in extended theirs, click here.
  • Filing your application during the initial filing period is strongly encouraged for all applicants. There is no guarantee your campus of choice will extend their 
  • Filing deadlines for impacted majors are not extended in this procesds

Where do I send my application?

  • The preferred method for submitting the CSU application is online through the application you complete on Cal State Apply.
  • Once you reach the "review  your information" section, and confirm that you want to send your application it is automatically routed to the admissions office.
    • each CSU campus requires an application. While the first application may take 20-30 minutes, the rest will be a lot shorter, taking between 2-5 minutes. this is because majority of the information from the first application will be saved and automatically transferred to the rest of your applications. 
  • Paper applications must be sent to the admission office at the campus(es) to which you are applying. The application booklet contains the campus mailing addresses


  • Each CSU admission application you file requires a $55 application fee. This fee is nonrefundable and may not be transferred to another term
What if I can't afford the application fee?

CA residents may qualify for up to four (4) CSU fee waivers

  • Screen 12 gives you a chance to apply for an application fee waiver.  
  • You will be notified at the time you apply online if you qualify for the fee waiver.
  • In situations where the online application is unable to determine your eligibility for a fee waiver, you will need to submit the Request for Application Fee Waiver directly to the campus admission office(s). The campus will inform you if you do not qualify for the fee waiver. 

How do I get more information from the campus?

Campuses are eager to provide you with more information about their campuses. You can use Cal State Apply to link to the campus website to obtain more information. Campuses also appreciate letters or emails asking for more information. Best of all, if you can, be sure to visit the campuses in which you are interested and take a campus tour.


Minimum CSU College Eligibility Requirements

  • The CSU requires a minimum 15-unit pattern of courses for admission as a first-time freshman. Each unit is equal to a year of study in a subject area.
  • A grade of C or better is required for each course you use to meet any subject requirement.
  • There are career and technical education (CTE) courses that can be used to meet any of the subject area requirements listed above. 

Quick Links


  • The CSU application open on October 1 (apply)
  • The CSU application closes on November 30 If you do not submit, you must wait another acadmic year. 
  • The CSU system does not require letters of recommendations be sent with application
  • The CSU campus will communicate with students thorough email
  • Students MUST check their emails weekly 
  • Your email should be appropriate. If you are not sure if your email is appropriate stop by the college and career center and speak with Ms. LaTasha.