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Digital Issues

"Digital life is both public and permanent." 

    from Common Sense Media


As we spend more and more time on the Internet, there are a variety of issues about which we should be aware.  On this page, we will provide information about these issues, and we welcome your input as we continue to update this critical section of our website. An excellent place to start for students, parents and teachers is Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to "provide the trustworthy information, education, and  independent voice [our young people] need to thrive in a world of media and technology.".

Digital Citizenship

This New York Times article discusses some of the dilemmas we face when incorporating the Internet into our classrooms.

Here are some important guidelines for cyber etiquette from Common Sense Media.

Here and here are two articles about texting and cell phones with regard to teens.

Educational Uses

Blogging, wikis, and Google docs are all powerful tools for teachers and students.

You can find copyright information here.

Find an interesting article about teens and plagiarism here.

What do teacher librarians do?

This short You Tube video can help to answer this question.