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Work Permits during school closure
Posted 3/24/20

Apparently Grocery stores are hiring. Makes sense.

During the school shut down, the procedure for getting a work permit is as follows:

  • Obtain an offer of a job from an employer.
  • Download the attached work permit form and print it out. 
  • Fill in the “Minor’s Information"
  • Have your employer fill out the employer information and sign it.  Please ask the employer to add their email address. 
  • Have one of your parents or your legal guardian sign it.
  • Scan the front page and e-mail it to Mrs. Stahl at  If you don’t have a scanner, you can take a picture of it with your phone (or several close ups so it can be read) and e-mail that to Mrs. Stahl.
  • She will e-mail your "official" work permit back to you and to your employer if you provide their email.