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Anne Turpin

How to Study like a Champion!

By test time, you've read the chapter 3 times: twice to do the packet and a third time to make flashcards of the key terms. To thoroughly review for any test, follow this game plan:

1) Begin with a quick overview by watching relevant videos from the new Euro History playlist or Crash Course 1 or Crash Course 2


2) Read related section in AP test prep book. If you don't have a review book, use these brief topic reviews of each unit.

Skim binder notes for that unit (HW & CW). Look at relevant PowerPoints in my locker to the left.


3) In relevant Spielvogel chapter, study images, maps, and primary sources. Some of these documents will surely be on the exam.


4) To help with difficult concepts, watch an AP Euro Bit by Bit video or from Tom Richey.


5) Draw flowcharts or concept maps. Make up related acronyms & word associations.


6) Keep a unit of flashcards in your pocket to review on the go. Or use a relevant Quizlet: Period One (1450-1648) or  Period Two (1648-1815), Period Three (1815-1914), and Period Four (1914-present).


7) See Paul Sargent's tips for multiple choice strategies and SAQs

See Tom Richey's tips for the DBQ & LEQ - scroll down for embedded video links.


8) Review exam structure and take a practice exam from the College Board and in your AP test prep book. Read sample responses from students (scroll down the page) and the graders' scoring commentary at the end. (I gave you the 2017 DBQ on Saturday.)


Meet with a study group (or talk to yourself ;-)

9) Discuss key concepts and essential terms on the handout from the College Board. Rephrase each standard (1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc) as a question and practice using key concepts, essential terms and illustrative examples below as evidence to support argument.


10) Discuss focus questions that begin each Spielvogel chapter. Support with relevant essential terms.

Resources for AP Euro

College Board course site:

AP Euro Teachers’ Sites:


Mercado :


Treadwell’s Flashcards -- 1450 to 1848

and 1848 to present:

Videos & Films & Podcasts:

Paul Sargent's AP Euro Playlists:

Tom Richey's AP Euro Playlist:

Hank’s History Hour (Podcasts):

History for Music Lovers (cool history teachers!)

Crash Course for European History

Crash Course for World History

Crash Course for World History 2 (even more)

Quiz Yourself!


Spielvogel Textbook:

Treasure Hunt: Now saved in locker under 1 Treasure Hunt

Quizlets - too many to link here :-)


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