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HW#10 Test#2


HW #10 Test # 2 pages 176-181


1)Where is Gettysburg, what was this battle, after the south lost the battle, what did Robert E Lee give up, and what were Northerners enthusiastic about?


2) Why was there a ceremony in Nov. 1863, what was the name of Lincoln’s speech, and what was its main theme?


3) Why was the city of Vicksburg important, what did confederate soldiers resort to eating, and after the union defeated the confederates at Vicksburg, what happened to the confederacy?


4) After the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg what happened to the South, what was the South low on, and what did many confederate soldiers do?


5) Who did Lincoln appoint to lead the union army, and who did he appoint, and what did the union want to destroy?


6) What was Grant’s overall strategy, and what did Sherman do, what did Sherman’s army burn and destroy, and what happened to Atlanta?


7) What did union troops do on April 3rd, 1865, where did this take place, and how many and confederate soldiers died in the civil war?