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Amy Harriman Locker

Weekly Agenda, Assignments, and Updates

Please logon to school loop for the weekly agenda and assignments.

Cancelations or changes to my office hours will be posted on school loop.


The course syllabus is in the locker above.  Along with the student handbook, this syllabus will outline my classroom expectations.  Please read it.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Current Assignments

Mrs. Harriman

Dear Parents/Guardians:

            I am delighted to have your child as a student for the upcoming school year. I hope to offer your child a classroom where learning experiences will be remembered and utilized long into the future.  Of course, the experiences depend on a partnership of those involved:  the student, the teacher, and the parents. We must work together with a positive attitude and a sense of responsibility to create a quality-learning environment.

            In addition to the student/parent handbook, this syllabus will provide you with my classroom expectations, organization, grading policy, as well as rules and consequences.  Please read it together with your child.  Students should keep these important materials in their binder.

            If you have comments, suggestions, and/or need an update on your child's progress in my class, please do not hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. Communication is crucial to a successful academic year.  




Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Harriman

My Classroom Expectations


Be Prompt:

            * Be on time and be ready to learn with ENTHUSIASM. 

            * Clear absences and tardiness promptly.


(Attendance affects your grade.  It is my philosophy that regular attendance is vital to the acquisition of math skills and to the development of critical thinking skills. Students must regularly attend class on time.)


Be Prepared:

            * Come to class with a positive attitude.

            * Have book, binder, notebook, pencils, paper, and a calculator on hand.

            * Obey all rules regarding hats, phones, and electronic devices.

            * Food, drinks, and gum are saved for lunch.   


Be Polite: 

            * Respect teacher's right to facilitate learning.

            * Respect student's right to learn. (Listen and give constructive advice.)

            * Maintain a classroom environment conducive to learning.  


(Words of praise are encouraged.  Put downs, profanity, vulgarity, 

negative attitudes and disruptive/destructive behaviors are not tolerated.)



Be Productive:

            * Participate, focus, and stay on task.

            * Keep an open mind and be positive

My Contact Info.

Mrs. Harriman

Room 223

510-337-7022 ext. 5223

Loop-mail via school loop

Office Hours

updated Jan. 1, 2019.

My office hours for the 2018 school year will be: 


Thursdays at Lunch for Tutoring and Testing.

Thursdays after school, 3-430 pm for Tutoring and Testing.

Mondays during smart period for Testing Only (no more than 4 students).


Please be advised that if there are any changes to my office hours, I will post this information in School Loop.

Please register for school loop and check it daily for weekly agenda, calendar events, changes in my office hours, testing days, and assignment deadlines, etc.  

Recommended Calculators

A graphing calculator is highly recommended. TI-84 plus is the recommended graphing calculator. TI-30xIIs is the recommended scientific calculator.   Students may checkout a graphing calculator for the school year from the book room.