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Tardy Policy

Tardiness: A student is officially tardy if they enter the classroom after the final bell has finished ringing to begin the class period.

Tardy to the First Class of the Day: Students will be assigned lunchtime detention each day for tardiness to the first class of the day. Each day the attendance office will run a list of students with unexcused tardies to first period, 45 minutes into the school day. If a student is on this list, the office will send written notification that they must attend detention in the cafeteria that same day during the lunch hour. Lunch will be available for students to purchase from the cafeteria. A campus supervisor or school administrator will monitor detention.

Tardy to the Class After Lunch: Students tardy to their class after lunch will be assigned lunchtime detention the following day in the cafeteria.

Tardy to Other Classes: Teachers may have individual tardy policies and may hold their own detentions and consequences for tardiness to their classes, which can include classroom cleanup duties and may affect student grades. Students who are tardy to classes besides the first class of the day and after lunch, may be referred to the office for further discipline including being placed on the exclusion list or being assigned a Saturday School.

Persistent tardiness may result in the student being put on the exclusion list from the privilege of participating in the following school sponsored extra‐curricular activities, including but not limited to Athletic Teams, Drama, Band, Choir, Leadership (e.g., student body officers and representatives), School Assemblies, Sports Games and Dances (including Winter Ball, Junior Prom, and Senior Ball).