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Graduation Requirements



Graduation is based upon the accumulation of a minimum of 230 credits, completion of all subject requirements and passing district competency exams in reading, writing and math.  Five credits are given for each semester successfully completed.

 Students are required to meet the following additional requirements:

  1. Attain a cumulative grade point average of not less than 1.75
  2. Complete twenty (20) hours of community service work during the 9th through 12th grades.
  3. Beginning with the Class of 2004, students must pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).*
    *This requirement has been suspended by the State of California; as of 2016, this is no longer a graduation requirement.

 1.   English - A student must earn forty (40) credits (four years) in courses offered by the English Department under its regular sequential program of instruction.

2.   Social Science - A student must earn thirty (30) credits (three years) of social science, including 10 credits in Modern World History, 10 credits in U.S. History, 5 credits in American Government and 5 credits in Economics.

3.   Mathematics - A student must earn twenty (20) credits (two years) in mathematics while in high school (courses completed in middle school do not count toward this graduation requirement).  A student must have passed Algebra 1 (whether in middle or high school) in order to graduate.

4.   Science - Students in the class of 2016 and all students thereafter must earn twenty (20) credits in lab science, including 10 credits in physical science and 10 credits in biological life science. 

5.  World Language, Visual and Performing Arts, Career Technical Education (CTE) - A student must earn ten (10) credits (one year) in each of World Languages and Visual and Performing Arts. Students may substitute ten (10) credits in CTE for one of these required courses.

6.   Physical Education - A student must earn twenty (20) credits (two years) in physical education.  Students are required to take PE in the freshman year.

7.   Current Life Issues - A student must earn five (5) credits (one semester) in Current Life Issues.

8.   Remaining Credits are to come from elective courses.