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The Media Academy

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We run only 2 sections of each class so sign up with your counselor now!!!


Who are we?

We are a program with a history of 15 years at Alameda High School.  We offer 9th and 12th English classes and blocked history and English at the 10th and 11th grade levels.  Our mission now is to forge a community that is making itself aware of the local and global inequities that we face in the 21st century.


Mission Statement and Goals

The Academy will provide all students with a rigorous, standards-based curriculum focused on developing criticalacademic literacy skills. Academy classes will focus on the themes of social justice and global equity, aligning ourselves when we can with the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDG's) as a frame for our studies as well as The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Students will learn about issues that affect our world now, such as global warming, public health, and extreme poverty and hunger, especially in the developing world. 


Our Borrowed Motto Think Globally; Act Locally


What's New in the Academy?  Cloud computing!

In the picture below, Mr. Carman and members of the Junior class are showing off our Computers on Wheels—our COW! The Academy’s six instructors will roll the COW among our classrooms. Complete with wifi, webcams, and Google Docs—our Chromebooks are our window to the internet and the world of productivity and information.  See your counselor about signing up for The Millennium Academy!