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Current Life


Occupational Outlook Handbook: The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives.

AMERICA'S CAREER INFONET: "This site "provides national, state and local career information and labor market data." Includes "career tools, career reports, videos, a career resource library," and more. "

TECHNICAL SCHOOLS USA: "A guide to technical schools, careers, and certifications in the United States. Includes a list of links to schools by state, descriptions of technical schools and programs (including online alternatives), and resources for technical certification training."


MEDLINE: Information about health, medicine, etc. (from U.S. Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health)


MINDZONE: A MENTAL HEALTH SITE FOR TEENS "This site aimed at teenagers offers personal stories and suggests strategies for coping with mental health disorders. Visitors may take part in polls, learn about personal strengths and how to deal with emotions, find facts about anxiety disorders, and question experts."

NATIONAL ADOLESCENT HEALTH INFORMATION CENTER (NAHIC): A browsable and searchable collection of publications concerning adolescent health and health care. Includes briefs and facts sheets on a variety of topics.

NIDA FOR TEENS: THE SCIENCE BEHIND DRUG ABUSE "Includes facts on how marijuana, nicotine, anabolic steroids, and other drugs affect the brain and body, 'real stories' from teens, games and activities, a glossary, and resources for teachers."

TEEN HEALTH RIGHTS: "This site provides 'resources and information to health care providers about California laws pertaining to minor consent, confidentiality, child abuse reporting, and other adolescent health concerns.'"

Independent Living

CU SUCCEED RESOURCES: "Offers articles and resources for teens about management of personal finances. Includes downloadable budget spreadsheets, a financial glossary, and online calculators for loans, savings, auto loans, and credit card payoffs."

Resume Template