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Letters of Recommendation

Requests for Letters of Recommendation (Private Colleges & Scholarships)

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATIONS: The UC's and CSU's DO NOT Require Letters of Recommendations.

All requests for letters of recommendation should be done in person. The counselors  complete the Secondary School Report which includes a letter of recommendation. 


Counselors require:

  • Completed Student Profile AHS Student Profile for College Admission Letters of Rec 2021-22 (DOC)
  • Optional Parent Evaluation (included in the Student Profile)
  • Copy of Student's application essay or personal statement
  • Copy of Student's resume 
  • Any deadlines or specific required information requested in the college or scholarship application
  • For electronic recommendations, the online link (for example Common App, Sendedu, Universal App, school specific website, etc.) 
  • Stamped, addressed envelopes if recommendations will not be submitted on-line

Each teacher has his or her own policy regarding letters of recommendation.  Check with the teacher first.    

Teachers may require:

  • Teacher recommendation form (download from
  • Unofficial transcript, test scores if requested by teacher
  • If the teacher is sending letters on paper through the mail, provide stamped, addressed envelopes for each college and the Teacher Evaluation Form that is part of the application. (download from )
  • Any deadlines or specific required information requested in the college or scholarship application.

Deadlines for Counselor Letters of Recommendation Requests/Packet Submission: 

  • October 1

The absolute and final deadline to submit a packet is October 1.  Packets will not be accepted after that date.  Counselors will NOT write letters of recommendation as part of the Secondary School Report for any student who submits their information after October 1. 


Steps for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

Etiquette in Asking for a Letter of Recommendation 

Requests for Letters of Recommendation (alternative high schools)

Alameda High Counselors will not provide Letters of Recommendation or any sort of evaluation for students applying to private or alternate high schools.  The counselors, however, will provide transcripts/report cards to support an application as requested by the student.