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Counseling Office Curriculum

Freshmen Year

The counselors work with 9th grades students in the classroom to ensure that all students have a strong foundation on what they will need to complete in high school.  All 9th grade students will receive curriculum in their PE classes prior to the end of the first semester.  The presentation will include topics such as graduation requirements, high school credits and transcripts, college admission requirements (A-G) and available AHS resources. AHS Resources for 2019 (DOCX)

PowerPoint--Freshmen Presentation- Graduation Requirements (PPT)

9th grade families will receive a letter in the mail in late spring which will include a copy of the student's transcript so families can track their student's progress.

Junior Year

As students start their second half of their high school career, the focus is on more detailed planning for the future including graduation and post-high school.  The counselors will meet with all 11th grade students in their English classes in the spring for a presentation which reviews graduation requirements and goes into post-secondary options in greater detail including college testing and supplementary requirements.   This presentation will help them consider the requirements they still need for both graduation and college admission to best plan for their senior year. 

PowerPoint--Junior Presentation (PPT)

Graduation Checklist Worksheet


Parent Guide to College Admissions from Your Teen Magazine


At Risk juniors will receive a letter home in the fall detailing their deficits and provide options for remediation.


All juniors will receive a Junior Letter in the spring detailing their current progress towards graduation.  This letter will also contain reminders about preparing for college admissions in the future. 

Sophomore Year

Students will have a presentation on Naviance Student.  Naviance Student is an online software program offering students and parents access to college and career information.  Students will take career assessments, learn more about their strengths and skills, review college information, access college websites, create résumés and use many other resources to help guide them on their path towards post high school activities.  

At Risk Sophomores will receive a letter mailed home in the fall noting deficits towards graduation and options for remediating the deficits. 

All sophomores will receive a letter in the spring which will include their most current transcript and a Sophomore Academic Summary detailing their progress towards graduation and A-G completion.   Wellness tips will also be included. 

Helpful Wellness Tips.pdf (PDF) 

Senior Year

As students prepare to complete their high school experience, the counselors are available to provide guidance in helping them meet their post-secondary goals.  The counselors will meet with 12th grade students in their English classes in the early fall to present a presentation on the college admission process that will include information on the community college, CSU and UC systems as well as private schools and testing with helpful hints and reminders. 

PowerPoint--Preparing for the College Application Process an Overview for Seniors (PPT)


Resources: AHS Student Profile for College Admission Letters of Rec 2020-21.docx (DOCX), UC Application Guide, UC Personal Insight Questions Worksheet, UC Application: Presenting Yourself,  Instructions for Sending Test Scores to Colleges (DOCX), WUE Information, EAP Information


Senior parents will also be invited to learn about the college application process through an evening presentation in the early fall.  In conjunction with the College and Career Center, families will also be invited to a Cash For College Financial Aid event in November to learn about the financial aid process. 

PowerPoint-Preparing for the College Application Process an Overview for Parents (PPT)


Resources: Guide to Federal Financial Aid 2018-19, College Financial Aid Check Lists, CSS Profile Student Guide, Federal Student Aid at a Glance 2017-18, 


Parent Guide to College Admissions from Your Teen Magazine


All seniors will receive a Senior Letter and transcript in September to detail how they are progressing towards graduation.  All seniors will receive a second Senior Letter and transcript after the first semester grades are posted to update graduation status.  Pending 3rd quarter and 4th quarter progress grades, students may receive additional Senior Letters should they be at risk of not graduating.