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Course Selection

Course Selection for 2020-21

Students will need to complete the course selection sheet appropriate for their grade level, including alternative class selections.  The completed course selection form (including parent signature) will be submitted to the Counseling Office by the stated deadline.  Students who do not submit a completed course selection form will not be allowed to take AP/Honors classes. 

Currently enrolled students will also enter their course selection choices online by accessing their Aeries Portal account.  Students new to Alameda High including incoming freshmen coming from feeder middle schools should read the  information below listed under "Incoming 9th Grade Students" and/or "Students New to the District" below.  The Aeries Portal link is available on the front page of this website.  All current students should have accessed their Aeries Portal already.  If a student has never accessed their Aeries Portal, they will need to activate their account by logging into their AUSD Google account (student's and find an email sent from and follow the instructions to set up the account in that email.  More information is provided in the instructions listed below.  


Please read the instructions BEFORE trying to log into the Aeries Portal to complete Course Selection.

Instructions for Entering 2020-21 Course Requests (PDF)

Should you have technical difficulties, please email AUSD Technology Services at 


Course Selection Sheets for 2020-21.

AHS Course Catalog 2020-21 (PDF)

10th Grade Course Selection Sheet 2020-21 (PDF)

11th Grade Course Selection Sheet 2020-21 (PDF)

12th Grade Course Selection Sheet 2020-21 (PDF)

4 Year Course Plan

Students need to ensure that they are meeting all high school graduation requirements and post-high school requirements when choosing their classes each year of high school.  Click on the following document to see a sample of a typical 4 year plan for an AHS student.  Typical 4 year AHS Course Plan (DOC)

Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways

Alameda High has five CTE pathways-- Biotechnology, Computer Science, Digital Filmmaking, Multimedia, Sports Medicine-- available.  Students can choose to enroll as early as 9th grade.  Click on the CTE Pathways flyer (CTE AHS Flier - 2020-21 (PDF)) for more information. 

Incoming 9th Grade Students

For Incoming 9th grade students coming from Lincoln Middle School, Wood Middle School or Bay Farm School:   Alameda High Counselors will visit those school for a presentation on the AHS course selection process.  Please check with the appropriate middle school as to the dates.  At those presentations, students will be given course selection forms and instructions. 

For Incoming 9th grade students not currently attending one of the above feeder middle schools:   please see the information below for Students New to the District


9th grade students must take six classes minimum.  They are required to take English 1, Math, Biology, PE 9, and Navigating Life/Ethnic Studies or Navigating Life/Digital Citizenship.  The remaining class is an elective.  Most students will choose to take world language or a visual performing art.  The course descriptions for all 9th grade classes are available in the AHS Freshman Course Catalog 2020-21 (PDF)The course selection sheet for the 2018-19 school year is available here  9th Grade Course Selection Sheet 2020-21 (PDF).  Please make sure to read the important information on the Course Selection Letter which is included with the Course Selection Sheet.  Information about correct math placement is available in the Math Sequence for Incoming AHS 9th Graders (DOCX)

Current AHS Students

For current continuing AHS students, students will receive a Course Selection Presentation by the Counselors in 9th grade English and 10th/11th grade Social Studies classes.  Students will receive their course selection forms and instructions at that time.  Please note, students are only allowed to sign up for one math and one science class during the course selection period.  Students interested in taking more than one math and/or science class will need to add their names to the Double Math/Science Lottery list available during Orientation.  Additional math/science classes will be granted pending space availability. 


AHS Course Catalog 2020-21 (PDF)


10th grade students must take six classes minimum.  They are required to take English, Math and Social Studies (world history).  The remaining three classes are elective choices although most students will continue with their foreign language, complete their second year of PE and/or continue with science.  10th Grade Course Selection Sheet 2020-21 (PDF)


11th grade students must take six classes minimum.  They are required to take English, and Social Studies (U.S. History).  The remaining classes are elective choices.  Students need to ensure that they are choosing courses that will meet the minimum graduation requirements in each subject area.  Students should also consider all requirements for graduation and/or college admissions when making those elective class choices.  11th Grade Course Selection Sheet 2020-21 (PDF)


12th grade students must take five classes minimum.  They are only allowed to take five classes if they have earned at least 180 credits by the end of their junior year.  Seniors are required to take English and Social Studies (Government & Economics).  The remaining classes are elective choices.  Students need to make sure that they have met all of the requirements for graduation purposes when making their choices.  They should also make sure their choices meet the requirements for their post-high school path. 12th Grade Course Selection Sheet 2020-21 (PDF)

AP/Honors Policy

AP classes are the equivalent to college courses.   Please remember that when selecting your AP/Honors courses.


By completing and signing this course selection sheet, students and guardians acknowledge the following:

  • Students may only take a maximum of four AP/Honors classes during the course of one school year. 
  • Once students have registered for the following year’s classes, they may drop any AP/Honors class up to May 15, 2020, with no reason or approval process necessary.  Drop requests must be made in writing to the counselor by submitting a completed Course Change Request form.
  • After May 15, 2020, all AP/Honors drop requests will be reviewed by the counselor and Administrative representative.  These drops are not guaranteed and the student may need to remain in their originally chosen class. 
  • Students interested in taking more than four AP/Honors courses at one time must petition in writing (with a parent signature).  You can pick up a petition in the Counseling office.  Petitions must be turned in to your counselor by February 28, 2020 of the current school year.  Students whose petitions are granted still may drop any of their AP/Honors classes up to the final drop date of May 15, 2020.  AP Petition (DOCX)
  • Students must have submitted their completed, signed Course Selection Sheet to the Counseling Office.  Otherwise, students will not be enrolled in any AP/Honors courses.

Please note that signing up for an AP/Honors class is signing on to a commitment.  DO NOT sign up for an AP class if you are not sure, as we may not be able to release you from the class due to seat availability in other classes.  Also note, seat availability includes the planning for new students not yet enrolled.

Students New to the District

Incoming high school students new to Alameda Unified need to enroll at the District Office Student Services Department prior to completing the course selection process at Alameda High.  Upon completion of enrollment at the District level if the student is enrolling for the following school year, students will be asked to complete the appropriate grade level course selection sheet.  The course selection sheet should be returned to Alameda High as soon as possible so a schedule can be created for the student.  All pre-enrolled students will receive their schedules on their grade level Orientation Day in August.  Please note that counselors are not available to meet individually with any pre-enrolled student until after the start of the school year. 


For students enrolling for the current school year, upon completion of enrollment at the District Office Student Services Department, students will be directed to Alameda High for course selection. 


For the most current information, check the AUSD website under “Enrollment Information”.