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Work Permits

Need a Work Permit

Click here to download and print a Work Permit. 

COVID Steps for filling out a work permit:

1st thing is you obtain an offer of a job from an employer, then follow these steps:

  1. Download the attached work permit form and print it out. 

  2. Fill in the “Minor’s Information"

  3. Have your employer fill out the employer information and sign it.  Please ask the employer to add their email address. 

  4. Have one of your parents or your legal guardian sign it.

  5. Scan the front page and e-mail it to Ms. Gwen  If you don’t have a scanner, you can take a picture of it with your phone (or several close ups so it can be read) and e-mail that to Ms. Gwen.

  6. I will e-mail your "official" work permit back to you and to your employer if you provide their email.


  • Do drop your completed work permit to Ms. Gwen in the AHS College and Career Center.
  • Do come to pick up permits during breaks, lunch or after school 

Happy Working!


Work Permit Facts

Requirements for a Work Permit:

  • minimum GPA of 2.0
  • get the job 1st.....then turn in the completed work permit to Ms. Gwen.  You need to have it signed by your Employer & your Parents. 

Summer Work Permit

  • During summer break applications can be processed at AHS by going to the main office.
    You will need the following documents to process your completed work permit application:
    • Your Social Security Card 
    • Proof of Age (Choose One):  Birth Certificate, Passport, California ID or Drivers License