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CSU Application

CSU Applications

You can find the Online Application for CSU's on Cal State Apply

  • Timeline for CSU Application - October 1 - November 30th   (Apply Early! HINT! HINT!)

What you need to fill out the CSU Applications:

  1. a copy of your transcript
  2. to qualify for a fee waiver - you will need annual income information from your parents
  3. your Social Security #
  • Each application is $55
  • Fee Waiver requests for the CSU applications are at the end of your application.  You apply for a CSU Fee Waiver and once you hit "submit" it they will tell you immediately if you qualify or not. If you do qualify you can apply to four CSUs for free.
  • CSU application does not require an essay or personal statement.
  • CSUs take priority admissions for students living in their local attendance zone.  SF State & Cal State East Bay are your "local attendance zone."
  • Finish one application completely and all that data will re-populate itself into all other CSU Applications!
  • EOP - Educational Opportunity Program is a wonderful program that offers scholarship opportunities as well as academic support and counseling.  It is a program for historically low-income and educationally disadvantaged students, many of whom are first in their family to attend college.   IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING APPLYING FOR EOP:  In order to begin an EOP application, you must first submit an online undergraduate application to the campus to which you are applying for EOP.

"What do I do after I submit an application?"

  • Print out a confirmation receipt for your records
  • Check your Email!!  Schools will communicate with you via email.  If they have a question about your application or they want you to send your score reports they will send you an email.  You should check your email weekly.
  • The first thing a CSU is going to ask you is to send you SAT or ACT score reports.  The SAT code for all CSUs is 3594. ACT does not have one code for all of the CSUs :( you must send your scores to each CSU you applied.
  • Wait for their decision - then send your transcript & score reports